Immigration Evaluations

Immigration Evaluations
A psychological evaluation can make a world of a difference when filing for immigration benefits or when defending onesself from a deportation case.

What is an immigration evaluation?
An immigration evaluation is a psychological assessment used to help immigration courts determine whether an individual will be able to remain lawfully in the United States.

Types of immigration proceedings
1. Political Asylum Cases
2. Exceptional Hardship Cases
3. Spousal Abuse
4. U Visa

How do I know if I need an immigration evaluation?
An immigration evaluation begins with a discussion with your attorney.  That discussion involves gathering pertinent information around the case and understanding specific legal issues.

If appropriate, an appointment is scheduled and the assessment process begins. During the assessment process, information regarding the client’s family, social, educational, work and medical histories are attained. Any relevant paperwork from attorneys, physicians, and hospitals is also reviewed. 



Helpful Forms

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